The Best Cities for EVs (Non U.S. Edition)0

Matthew Van Dusen | Tue May 8 2012 |

The electric vehicle story we hear in America is often the American EV story. But, as the International Energy Agency notes in The EV City Casebook: A Look at the Global Electric Vehicle Movement, released Friday, cities around the world are devising clever ideas for how to integrate EVs en masse into their societies.

Many cities, notably Shanghai, have benefitted from central government planning that seeks to encourage EV adoption. Other areas – such as the five-city region of BrabantStad in The Netherlands – want private industry to take the lead. Some cities, such as Stockholm, benefit from clean and plentiful energy sources while others, like the North East of England and the Kanagawa prefecture take advantage of their proximity to automotive manufacturing.

In the above gallery we present the IEA’s estimates of EV deployment in these crucial regions. The American areas – New York, Raleigh-Durham, Portland, Los Angeles – have been omitted to highlight the global EV story.

Flickr Images: Amsterdam (SantiMB), Barcelona (Paco CT), Berlin (abbilder), BrabantStad (FaceMePLS), Hamburg (frankartculinary), Helsinki (Sashapo), Kanagawa (OiMax), North East England (Pimlico Badger), Rotterdam (Reinier), Shanghai (Remko Tanis), Stockholm (Michael Caven),