Smart Power: GE Introduces Intelligent Electricity Distribution0

Ysabel Yates | Thu Sep 6 2012

A new power monitoring system from GE is making overhead electricity distribution smarter while increasing its efficiency and reliability.

When electricity is being distributed, it’s important to be able to track the amount of power moving through the network. The more information about where power is going means less time spent without it because faulty circuits can be easily located and repaired. GE’s new Multilin™ Intelligent Line Monitoring System is an end-to-end solution that provides utilities with advanced analytics about power distribution to reduce outage time.

“An intelligent line monitoring system gives you a reliable starting point for locating and sectionalizing faults. This improves supply continuity and enhances public safety by precise dispatching of the fault response crew,” says Martin Hand, operations policy and safety engineer, ESB Networks, Ireland.

The intelligent line monitoring system improves supply continuity and enhances public safety

The new system is helping to solve key challenges in electricity distribution. First, it allows utilities to easily locate faulted and soon-to-be faulted circuits to reduce power outages. Second, the system’s advanced analytics allow utilities to dispatch crews effectively to address network disturbances. Finally, the system dynamically rates the feeders to allow the most electricity to flow through the network while ensuring safety.

“With increasing demands on the distribution network and the emergence of distributed generation technologies and electric vehicles, increasing the information available in an economical manner is the key to enabling greater improvements in distribution reliability and efficiency,” said Juan Macias, general manager—Grid Automation for GE Energy Management’s Digital Energy business.

The new system is simple-to-install, cost-effective, and can be installed on existing networks.

Top image: Courtesy yauhin1