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Micah Kotch: Supporting Sustainability

Thu Dec 15 2011 | 0

As the Director of Operations for the New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy (NYC ACRE), an incubator focused on IT-based cleantech startups, Micah Kotch knows what it takes to bring an idea from conception to production in the clean energy and efficiency space. And he is dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs and startup companies make their sustainable innovations a lucrative reality.

The NYC ACRE is a collection of 10 startups. Kotch and his team provide these up-and-comers with “human capital,” which is the opportunity for companies to attain access to venture capitalists, grant funding, media coverage, potential customers and mentorship from experienced and influential members of the cleantech community.

Bitten by “the sustainability bug” in 2004, Kotch offers his blend of savvy and smarts to eager entrepreneurs. Check back next month for a live streaming video interview with Kotch right here on

Illustration by Greg Kletsel