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Gore Outlines “Sustainable Capitalism”

Elizabeth Wood | Thu Feb 16 2012 | 0

Al Gore has long rallied for environmental causes at the policy level. As the former Vice President for the U.S., he has positioned himself as one of the most outspoken advocates for eco-awareness and action.

Along with David Blood of Generation Investment Management LLP, he outlined an actionable policy plan called “A Manifesto for Sustainable Capitalism.” The plan is meant to serve as a solution to problems within the oil industry, which he likens to subprime mortgages and the economic crisis they created.

In the plan, Gore and Blood credit sustainable capitalism with the ability to “help companies save money by reducing waste and increasing energy efficiency in the supply chain, and by improving human-capital practices so that retention rates rise and the costs of training new employees decline.”

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Photo from Flickr by JD Lasica.