Biodiesel Comes to College Campuses

Elizabeth Wood | Tue Jan 10 2012 | 0

From French fries to donuts, Salisbury steak to stir fry, anyone who has ever stepped into a school’s cafeteria is likely familiar with the amount of cooking oil present in these facilities. Instead of disposing of this oil, colleges all over the country are teaming up to convert it into biodiesel.

Based in Chico, Calfornia, Springboard Biodiesel is a company that has built a machine that converts ordinary cooking oil into clean biodiesel that can be used to power campus transportation—for a fraction of the cost of using gasoline.

Says Springboard CEO Mark Roberts, schools are drawn to this machine in the interest of “saving money, reducing their carbon footprint and, in many cases, incorporating the system into their sustainability curriculums.” Read more at Earth Techling.

Photo from Flickr by Ben+Sam.