"Battery Brains" Will Increase Electric Vehicle Mile Range

Ysabel Yates | Mon Aug 6 2012 | 0

Engineers at GE Global Research are giving car batteries brains in a new research project that aims to increase the range of electric vehicles and bring down their costs.

The research is based on using sophisticated “ultrathin” sensors to monitor and manage battery vitals such as temperature, voltage and current. The tiny sensors gather a rich harvest of data, which is then used to optimize and manage the battery and extend its life.

To realize the idea, GE partnered with Ford Motor Company, which manufactures the Focus EV, and researchers at the University of Michigan. Ford will test prototypes inside its EVs.

The government’s Advanced Research Project Agency for Energy (ARPA-E), which backs high-risk research that may result in spectacular breakthroughs, is helping to fund the $3.1 million project that will last for three years.

Read more about the battery sensors at GE Reports.

Top image: The Ford Focus EV.