Ride the Juice Train: Watch GE Locomotives Hauling Liquid Sunshine0

ecomagination staff | Thu Nov 8 2012

The 3,200-foot-long Juice Train hauls 550,000 gallons of Tropicana orange juice from Florida to Jersey City, NJ, five times a week. Two ecomagination-qualified GE Evolution locomotives pull the entire load.

To illustrate the journey from Tropicana headquarters in Florida to New Jersey, GE mounted two HD cameras in weather proof cases on the front-most locomotive, and captured video for the entire 32-hour trip. A custom-built rig enabled two camera assistants to remotely monitor and control the exposure of these front mounted cameras, from inside the locomotive.

GE Locomotives record data ranging from location, throttle position, speed and temperature, to how individual engine components are behaving, all at five-second intervals. In short, what you’re looking at is a video and data time-lapse that illustrates the train’s entire journey.

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