ecomagination Kitchen

GE’s ecomagination Kitchen is a suite of refrigeration, cooking, and dishwashing products that offer improved energy efficiency compared to standard kitchen products without these energy efficient features. This suite of products can help to reduce kitchen electricity use, which typically accounts for over 25% of the average US household electricity consumption, by up to 20%.

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The GE ecomagination Kitchen contains four different stylish appliances designed to work great while helping you save on electricity costs.

GE’s ENERGY STAR ® qualified refrigerators can reduce energy use by 20% versus non-qualified refrigerators.

GE’s ENERGY STAR ® qualified dishwashers can reduce energy and water use by approximately 10%, versus non-qualified dishwashers.

GE’s Double Oven Electric Ranges, consisting of one smaller and one larger oven, can reduce energy use by allowing consumers to tailor oven size to their meal.  If the smaller oven is used 50% of the time, the Double Oven Electric Ranges can reduce energy use by up to 25% compared to GE’s 5.3 cubic foot single oven.

GE’s Over the Range Microwave Ovens feature a Power Saver button that when activated can reduce energy lost during standby mode.  Using the Power Saver button between uses can reduce annual microwave energy use by over 20%.