Learn about ecomagination

ecomagination is GE’s business strategy to create new value for customers, investors and society by helping to solve energy, efficiency and water challenges. It is our belief that, through a constant commitment to innovation, we can design and deliver great economics as well as great environmental performance.

  • R&D

    In 2010, GE deployed $1.8 billion on ecomagination research and development. GE continues is commitment to develop technology that benefits our customers and the environment, while making strong progress toward a total $10 billion investment between 2010 and 2015

  • Products

    In 2010, GE generated $18 billion on revenues from ecomagination product and services. Over the next five years, GE has committed to grow ecomagination revenues at twice the rate of our total company revenue, making ecomagination an even larger proportion of total company sales.

  • Energy/GHG

    In 2010, GE lowered its GHG emissions to 5.7 million metric tons, a reduction of 24 percent from our adjusted 2004 baseline. In 2010, GE’s energy use was 50.8 million MMBtu, an 18 percent reduction from the 2004 baseline year. This reduction is attributable to our focus on improving our energy efficiency, and to improving economic conditions throughout 2010. GE’s energy intensity (measured as MMBtu/revenue in millions of U.S. dollars) in 2010 improved by 32.8 percent since 2004. By 2015, GE will improve the energy intensity of its operations by 50% and will reduce its absolute GHG emission by 25% (both using the 2004 baseline).

  • Water

    In 2010, GE’s water use was 11.9 billion gallons, a 22 percent reduction from our 2006 water baseline, strong progress toward its 25% goal by 2015.

  • Keep Public Informed

    GE continued its commitment towards communication and transparency through a variety of materials, including 2010 ecomagination annual report and ecomagination.com. Through the ecomagination Challenges (Powering the Grid and Powering your Home), GE hosted a community of 74,000 people across more than150 countries to spotlight and develop the best ideas to transform how we create, connect and use power.