Gallery: London's Tower Bridge is Lighting Up With GE0

Matthew Van Dusen | Tue May 29 2012 |

London’s Tower Bridge – an instantly recognizable icon of Great Britain – will glow bright white this evening as 1,800 GE LED lights and 2,000 meters of LED linear lights are illuminated for the first time. (See the press release).

The efficient lights, which will reduce energy usage by up to 40 percent compared with the previous system, will mark Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee and be in place for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The lighting and cabling system, installed by London 2012 sponsors EDF and GE was fully installed at no cost to taxpayers. Workers began installing the system, which uses 5,000 meters of cable and 1,000 junction boxes, in November 2011.

The LEDs replace the static bulbs with LEDs that can vary in intensity and color and highlight the bridge’s architectural features. The lights will also be tested in the coming weeks for the light displays that are planned for every night of the games.

“Tower Bridge is already a global and this much-loved landmark is now even more spectacular thanks to a world-class illumination system,” said London Mayor Boris Johnson.

The bridge will also be outfitted with its giant Olympic Rings and Paralympic Agitos for the 45 days of the games.

“As a London 2012 Sustainability Partner and London 2012 sponsor, GE is excited to have successfully contributed to the future of Tower Bridge and to London’s sustainability commitments,” said Phil Marshall, President and CEO, GE Lighting EMEA. “Furthermore, during London 2012 as part of the overall celebrations, there will be an evening light display every evening at on the Bridge, ensuring those in the city can fully enjoy the new lighting scheme and see Tower Bridge as they never have before.”