GE Mining Debuts at MINExpo 0

ecomagination staff | Mon Sep 24 2012

As global demand for mineral resources rises, the mining industry is expanding to deeper, more remote and extreme locations, which presents the industry with complex challenges. Today at the MINExpo International trade show in Las Vegas, GE Transportation unveiled its newest business unit, GE Mining, to meet those challenges.

Through products and services that maximize resources and drive efficiencies, GE Mining is set to help the global mining industry reduce its environmental impact while increasing productivity.

The new business unit will help mines address critical power, water and productivity challenges.

“The continuing urbanization and growth in energy demand in the emerging economies bodes well for the long-term future of the global mining industry,” said Geoff Knox, CEO of GE Mining, speaking today at MINExpo. “With mine operators rebalancing their investments to get more out of their existing assets, GE’s global mining business is well positioned to add value.”

To drive the new mining unit, GE has recently acquired Fairchild international, which manufactures underground mining equipment, and is finalizing the deal Industrea Ltd., a provider of safety and productivity enhancing mining equipment and services.

GE ecomagination, Vice President, Mark Vachon said, “In this current global context the need for mineral resources across a diversified set of industries will continue to grow, and the mining industry will be critical to meeting that demand.”

Showcasing solutions

This week at the MINExpo conference in Las Vegas, GE Mining is showcasing solutions to give the global mining industry the standard, including technologies for more efficient power distribution, water conservation, and productivity.

Power Distribution

GE power solutions allow mining companies to find and use electricity more efficiently, reliably and safely. GE offers a full and diverse range of power generation solutions, including steam, wind, biogas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) powered turbines. This diversification enables organizations to utilize power from multiple sources, allowing for the lowest cost fuel option to be used at any time.

Water Conservation

Water management is a key environmental issue facing all mining companies. To help the global mining industry reduce its environmental impact, GE is providing breakthrough new technologies like the AquaSelTM system, a non-thermal desalination technology with extremely high water recovery rates. Using the system, mine operators can achieve recovery rates of up to 98 percent and reduce the volume of liquid brine seven-fold when compared to conventional reverse osmosis technology.

In addition, GE’s DusTreat* and CoalPlus are environmentally responsible road dust control programs tailored to reduce water and fuel usage.

Greater Operating Efficiencies

From software to hardware, GE is offering solutions to help mine operators protect investments and operate new and existing mining projects safer and more efficiently.

One solution is GE’s Proficy™ MaxxMine, a remote monitoring and diagnostic software solution enabling mine operators to make timely and accurate decisions about equipment health and performance in some of the world’s most challenging mining environments.

GE’s ecomagination-qualified Durathon™ battery is also plugged into the mining industry. When connected to GE’s Invertex™ underground propulsion systems, the battery significantly reduces problems caused by heat, diesel particulates and emissions, and helps reduce ventilation costs at underground mines.

Top image: This shaft, part of the Yarnbury mine operations to the north of Grassington, was sunk during 1828 to provide a haulage link to a level some 120 feet below ground. Courtesy TJBlackwell