GE Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary in Wind Industry with 20,000 Turbines0

ecomagination staff | Wed Nov 14 2012

There are tens of millions of people in London and Hong Kong and all of them need electricity to toast bread, stay warm, power their TVs and get around. As of today, the 20,000 wind turbines GE has installed around the world have the capacity to power both cities for a year.

The milestone came as GE is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in the wind industry with the installation of its 20,000th turbine.

“We couldn’t have achieved this milestone without our development partners,” said Vic Abate, vice president of renewable energy for GE. “Together, we have advanced wind to its current status as a relevant, reliable, competitive source of energy.”

The past decade has seen wind become a mainstream power source. The availability of wind increased from 85 percent to 98.5 percent while the cost of electricity decreased by a factor of three. In the U.S. and Europe, 40 percent of new power generation installations over the last four years have been wind projects.

See where GE has installed wind turbines over the years

Since 2002, GE’s renewables business, with its ecomagination-qualified products, has been a leader in the global advancement of wind energy, and the company has introduced new technology to make wind energy more powerful.  

One of these technologies is GE’s PulsePOINT advanced monitoring and diagnostic software. Analogous to preventative health for people, PulsePOINT identifies a problem on a turbine before it causes downtime or major failures. The data, monitored from Schenectady, N.Y., and Salzbergen, Germany, maximizes energy production by increasing turbine reliability and availability. It also provides valuable intelligence that is helping to drive the long-term competitiveness of wind.

GE-powered wind projects span across the United States and are in 19 different countries. These projects range from single turbine installations on farms in the Midwest to multi-megawatt projects.

Last month, GE’s 1,000th 2.5 mega-watt turbine became part of Europe’s largest onshore wind project, the 600-MW Fantanele/Cogealac wind farm in Romania. “GE was chosen as the turbine supplier for CEZ’s Fantanele/Cogealac wind farms because of its proven technology and experienced implementation team,” said Ondrej Safar, Project Manager for CEZ Romania. “The 2.5MW turbines powering our wind farms offer the efficiency, reliability and output that enable our success.”

In 2008, GE achieved its 10,000th turbine, and four years later, that number has doubled. This year, GE will install over 3,000 wind turbines around the world.

“Congratulations to GE on reaching this milestone.  From our vantage point, it appears to be the culmination of working with customers, driving down prices, continuously advancing technology and then backing it all up with responsive service,” said David Boyce, Chief Executive Officer of Wind Capital Group.  “I would expect that winning combination to serve them well into the future.”

Top image: GE´s 2.5-100 – GE´s wind turbine model for Australia and Romania where GE is currently building Europe´s largest onshore windpark